Homework!! Seriously how do you get your kids to do it??

Homework! I have been struggling for the last 5 years to get my 12 year old to do her homework.  When I was a kid we rarely had homework in grade school.  Most of the time it was maybe a reading assignment or a worksheet but not a whole folder of repeating the work we did in class.

Homework! Sometimes I have to say that I wish I wasn’t familair with the word, but hence I am all to familair with what it means.  Work that needs to be done at home, and how?  How do you help your child when the last time you went to school was like 15 years ago?  I am too old to learn all the new ways to get the same damn answer.  Really I didn’t think there was so many ways to get the same answer but apparently there is!  And if you don’t show your work the teachers way then your child gets the answer wrong even if they have the right answer all because they didn’t show their work the same way.

Homework!  I have even tried taking things away to get her to do her homework.  The DS, the Wii, television, friends, I-pod, computer.  I don’t know what else to do to make her understand that it is important that she do it.  Hell she doesn’t even always bring it home!  She will stuff it in the bottom of her locker, leave it in her desk, fold it into a tiny little square (so I think it is garbage and throw it away), or even lose it on purpose (you know like throwing it in the trash that is in her school hallway next to the end of the lockers).  Yeah she has done all these and some more.

Homework!  What do you do?  How do you make them care about it?  If anyone has any good tips out there that would be great because I am at the end of my rope!


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