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Shut Up And Run for Sherry Arnold!!

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Donate if you can this is very close to my heart!! Pass it along and share it as well!! ūüôā

Couponing: When You Have A Coupon but the Store is OUT of the Product!!

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I know that this can be frustrating for some and many have wondered if they need to rearrange what day they shop on in order to get a chance at getting the sale! Have no fear you do not need to change your routine just yet.
I recommend speaking with a manager or a main cashier because this will make it much easier to get your hands on that product. Ask for a raincheck for the amount of the product you are wishing to purchase and let them know that you would like to pay for it now because you have coupons to use. They will write you a paid for raincheck and trade you that for your money. This works great and allows you to then just pick up the product for that awesome price when the store has it is stock. Best part about a paid for raincheck….it never expires!! ūüôā

Couponing And Savings Tips

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From January 25, 2012 until January 31, 2012 participating Albertsons stores will be doubling, tripling, or quadrupling all coupons under $1 up to $1. This is a great sale and with the last few weeks coupons you should be able to score some free deals.
I will be posting some savings tips throughout the week and will let you know some great deals I find.
Stay tuned for more and hit me up with a comment if you have any questions on couponing.
Tomorrow I will be sharing on what to do when a store is out of a sale product and you have a coupon!!! ūüôā

Don’t Throw Away Those Coupons Just Yet

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If you are throwing out your coupons because you just aren’t using them please message me or comment on this post. I currently am sending all unused or expired coupons to military families in the states and overseas. Expired coupons can be used by military families for up to 6 months past expiration. Please post for mailing information to send your unused or expired coupons.
Thank you!!

Shopping Made Simple

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I am always scouring the internet for the best sales that I can find on clothing. The price of clothing has really gotten high in the last decade and I find it extremely difficult to clothe 5 people without going broke. Since I found Shop It To Me it has never been easier to see some great sales on whatever I am looking for no matter the brand. And the best part is that it is all in once place. I love when I can get brand name clothing for my kids under 10 dollars. So check it out and come shop with me:

Homework!! Seriously how do you get your kids to do it??

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Homework! I have been struggling for the last 5 years to get my 12 year old to do her homework.  When I was a kid we rarely had homework in grade school.  Most of the time it was maybe a reading assignment or a worksheet but not a whole folder of repeating the work we did in class.

Homework! Sometimes I have to say that I wish I wasn’t familair with the word, but hence I am all to familair with what it means.¬† Work that needs to be done at home, and how?¬† How do you help your child when the last time you went to school was like 15 years ago?¬† I am too old to learn all the new ways to get the same damn answer.¬† Really I didn’t think there was so many ways to get the same answer but apparently there is!¬† And if you don’t show your work the teachers way then your child gets the answer wrong even if they have the right answer all because they didn’t show their work the same way.

Homework!¬† I have even tried taking things away to get her to do her homework.¬† The DS, the Wii, television, friends, I-pod, computer.¬† I don’t know what else to do to make her understand that it is important that she do it.¬† Hell she doesn’t even always bring it home!¬† She will stuff it in the bottom of her locker, leave it in her desk, fold it into a tiny little square (so I think it is garbage and throw it away), or even lose it on purpose (you know like throwing it in the trash that is in her school hallway next to the end of the lockers).¬† Yeah she has done all these and some more.

Homework!  What do you do?  How do you make them care about it?  If anyone has any good tips out there that would be great because I am at the end of my rope!


For All of You Who Think You Know Me

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For those of you who think that I am the same person I was ten or fifteen years ago you have another thing coming.¬† I used to be that weak little girl that you could pick on and call names.¬† And yes, you all thought you were better than me as usual.¬† You were probably right back then because I never once stood up for myself or said what I felt or did anything that I thought I couldn’t.¬† Now that I have learned from all those things you said I couldn’t do I am hear to tell you that I have probably done more than any of you have ever dreamed or thought of and only because I am not afraid anymore.¬† Not afraid to stand up to you and tell you¬† just what I think about you now and how I felt about you then.¬† Not afraid to laugh when you say something rude or obnoxious about¬†me or any person that is associated with me.¬† Not afraid to tell you just where to stick it and¬†just how to go about stickin it.

I may¬†not be as pretty as you, as popular as you once were, or have as much money as you but what I do have is a house full of love and¬†patience.¬† Sometimes about the patience part.¬†¬†I spend most of my days at home with my children spending every minute with them that I can.¬†¬†When I am not relishing in thier very existence I am at¬†once place or another for physical, occupational, or speech therapy.¬† Or I am taking them to specialist¬†appointments for either bones, nerves, hearts,¬†endocrinology, genetics, or psychologists and I am proud to say that it doesn’t bother me one bit.¬†¬†Most times I don’t get even 4 hours of sleep a night and sometimes I may even fall asleep in the middle of the day¬†but¬†not once do I complain about anything.¬† God gave me this life and I am taking it all in¬†one day at a time.¬† So for those of you out there that Facebook¬†sounding like a spoiled friggin brat maybe you need to step back and think about who is going to read it and then think that maybe they have it worse off then you¬†and then maybe you won’t think it’s so bad!!!

Sorry just had to get that off my¬†chest.¬† I love Facebook about as much as the next person and for me it helps me stay connected with my family who are¬†always wondering about the medical, physical, or emotional needs of my children.¬†¬†And occasionally I will¬†re-post a funny picture or follow my coupon groups to help me save more money at home, but I sure the hell¬†don’t use it as a sounding board to whine about not getting to go some place or getting to do something because my kid has¬†to have some surgery or¬†“extra¬†something”.¬† Grow up, the world stopped revolving around you when you decided to have sex!!!