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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

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I love how people around me are always telling me they need some big break from their children! I have always wanted to ask them why they had children in the first place then, but I bite my tongue. I have three children of my own and I know that once in awhile I wish to step outside of myself and take a little break as well. Although my life is just a but different than those people around me.
My oldest daughter just hit puberty and I think I now have a 16 year old instead of a just turned 12 year old. Running around the house crying at the drop of a hat and antagonizing her little sisters is an everyday occurrance. Feels like a soap opera sometimes. Every other month it’s a two hour trip one way to get her braces checked and then every three months for ADHD medication checks and scoliosis x-ray checkups and not to mention that she goes to school 30 minutes from where we live makes for quite and eventful day with her.
My middle child is going to be turning 5 right after Christmas this year and with the developing mentality of a three year old I wonder just how she will ever be able to go to school. Not only is she delayed she has a high level of anxiety and hyperactivity. I guess that’s why they invented Prozac and Ritalin. Although I will be much more pleased when the Focaline comes in and we can start that. Now to just get her back to therapy so that we can work on her Erb’s Palsy and get some movement back in her arm and shoulder. Also to have another sleep study test done to see why she has Central Sleep Apnea could be beneficial and she will most likely need to have her tonsils out just for good measure.
My littlest one seems to be the most neutral one of all, most of the time I think it is because the other two run the show and she just wants to hide out in the shadows instead of gracing the spotlight with her presence. She isn’t talking yet so we have weekly trips to the speech therapist to see if we can make some headway. So far we aren’t much for anything but making some funny sounds but we will just see how things go.
I know most people ask me how I have any time for anything else in my life and I tell them I don’t. If you check out my blog you will see that I don’t post on here much and that is why. I have time to take them to where they need to go to all their wonderful specialist and therapy appointments and once in awhile I will find the time to blurb on here or play a game.
So the next time one of my friends tells me they need a break from their kids I will hook them up with a day of mine and tell them to walk a day in my shoes!! I am sure they will change their tune in a quick hurry!
I love my kids with every thread of being that I have and wouldn’t trade them for the world but once in awhile some people need to remember who they are talking to before they say anything. 🙂