Live, Love, Laugh

Haven’t blogged in a while but that doesn’t mean I have thought any less about life or love for that matter.  I have been consumed lately with so much of life and not all good but wishing it was better.  I feel lost some days, alone in the world with nothing and no one.  I sometimes wonder how I got so lost and if I might ever find my way back to ME.  Then I wonder what ME is because I don’t even think I remember.  Was it when I was five and thought about being a dancer or a writer or a biologist?  Was it when I was sixteen and had my first serious life injury wondering if that would change my future or shape who I was going to be?  I think that each of those things shaped me in one way or another.  Sometimes I wonder if certain things in my life would not have happened would I be a totally different person.  I know that everyone in our lives that we come in contact with shape our lives in one way or another just like we shape their lives whether negative or positive I wouldn’t know because sometimes we are in their lives or they are in ours for only a short moment.  Sometimes we can’t even remember those people.  I remember each one though.  Surprisingly I still look back and recall how each one of those people made some sort of impact on me and yes some of it was negative but in some cases it made me stronger. 

Some people have had tragedy and people in their lives that have made a negative impact and they have no desire to look at the bright side of things but rather focus on the negative of the matter.  This in turn leads to what I would call the “blame game”.  No one wants to take responsibility for their own lives or how they turned out, they just want to blame it on someone who happened into their lives.  They don’t understand that they are the ones that let them in.  That is why we are so afraid to live, love, laugh, and let people into our lives.  We are so afraid of how they are going to impact us that we refuse to give them a chance, we are so afraid of change.  It hurts us to smile and be happy for once without the thoughts of getting hurt creeping in. 

I don’t know, just thought I would put this out there.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that feels this way and thinks this way.  I know sometimes I don’t let people in because of that.  Other times I am just so focused on other things that I don’t see that people are trying to get in.  It is exhausting, I know, just living life from day-to-day.  I believe though that if we just let life happen, and laugh once in a while, love will find and embrace us.

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